Class Photo Day 1900

This photo is amazingly well labeled with most of the children’s names! It was taken c.1900-1910 at O’Brien, a White River School in the Kent area. (Note the cutie on the bottom left with the giant flower in his pocket 😉 )

4th row, left to right: Josephine Cummings, Mrs. Van de Vanter, Hazel Jones, Johnnie Cummings, ?

3rd row: Lee Sharkey, Ford Flaherty, Richie O’Connell, Lena Cummings, Mamie Cummings, Mary Courtney, Adrienne Johnson, Louisa Van de Vanter, Nellie Sharkey, Margaret Sharkey, Lillian Steele, Willie Cummings

2nd row: ?, Sadie Courtney, Bessie Wakeman, Connie Van de Vanter, Ardee Kelsey, Katie O’Brien, Evelyn Flaherty, Katie O’Connell, ?

1st row: Tim O’Brien, Annie Cummings, George Sharkey, Monica O’Connel, Morgan O’Brien, Jim Hogen, ?, ?, John Cochrane, ?