Young 1930’s Friends

Young 1930’s Friends

Young friends from the ’30’s enjoying the nice weather.
L-R: Jack “Buddy” Whiting Jr. (from an early Auburn pioneer family)
Ron Scribner of Kent
Fonda Ranta Palo Willson Zimmerman of Kent (the Ranta’s were early Covington settlers)
and her brother Gary Wingate Willson of Kent
Jack Becvar’s Celebration of Life

Jack Becvar’s Celebration of Life

Jack Becvar was the Greater Kent Historical Society’s first president and was an advocate and promoter of the society and museum. He also led the effort to incorporate as a non-profit organization in 1993 and began the tasks of fundraising and building a museum. He remained as president from 1992-1996. Jack then became the first executive director of the museum.
He worked tirelessly over may long hours, leading in the formation of the society, developing its mission and strategy, developing a relationship with the city and creating a legacy that will continue for generations to come.

Please come to celebrate Jack Becvar’s life and dedication with us on:
Tuesday, July 10th, from 3pm-7pm.

Kent Historical Museum
855 E. Smith St.
Kent, WA 98030

RSVP by Friday, July 6th to:
Stephen Chandler
(253) 720-8658

2018 GKHS Scholarship Winner

2018 GKHS Scholarship Winner

This year’s Greater Kent Historical Society scholarship was award to Danica Dabelstein, a 2018 graduate of Kentridge High School at the June 7, board meeting.

Danica’s interest in history started with an AP Human Geography class project.  She had to find places that fit criteria such as “a Native American presence” and “historic building.”  This project led her to the Cedar and Salmon totem pole at the Kent Fishing Hole, which she stated, “was the first real totem pole I had ever seen!”  Her travels took her to the Neely Soames house which she found “most intriguing.” And while she had passed the Saar Pioneer Cemetery many times, she stopped to examine the gravestones and found the cemetery was started in 1873 with the last burial in 1949.

Since this class, Danica has decided to pursue a degree in geography at the University of Washington.  She is interested in “how people affect the land around them as well as how the land shapes how people live.”  Rather sophisticated thinking for someone just starting out!  One way she has encouraged her peers to think about history and historical people and events, is to bring up some historic trivia during lunch.  According to Danica, “history can be one of the best conversation starters!” She also believes “talking is one of the easiest ways to have other people learn about history.”

For the Greater Kent Historical Society, the legacy of the City of Kent and the preservation of our history is in good hands with the selection of Danica Dabelstein as our scholarship recipient.


Respectfully submitted by

Eileen K. Lamphere, Scholarship Chair

Sawinder Kaur, member

Jason Appelgate, member

Congrats Danica and the best of luck on your studies!

Artwork Mystery

Artwork Mystery

We had a mystery dropped off at the museum yesterday! Having lived in his house for 30 years, Melvin suddenly found a folded up charcoal drawing of a woman in an empty clothes basket in the bottom of his closet. He’d never seen the picture before and can’t think of anyone who has ever been there that would have drawn it. His landlord and their parents, who build and owned the house since 1966 don’t know the artist or the person in the picture. The drawing is older than the house.

The mystery is who is the woman and who was the artist? The signature is a bit hard to make out, it looks like P. Hunider perhaps? It is dated 08/14/1960.

Do you recognize this woman? Do you recognize the artist’s signature?