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Bowling in Kent

Bowling in Kent

Here are some photos that were donated to us of bowling teams. Bowling has been around in Kent as a pastime since the 1900’s!
The first photo is from c.1900 of a bowling alley located on RR Ave. It was noted that Emil Nelson was 3rd from the right.
Next is a photo from 1954 of the American Bowling Congress in Seattle. It was noted that Ed Reitan Sr. is 2nd from the right.
The third photo was at Kent Bowl in 1960, showing the team sponsored by Edlines-Funeral Home. It was noted that Ed Reitan Sr. is 1st on the left, then was Bill Nyseth, Dick Mortenson, Al Strom and Rich Pohl.
Lastly is a color photo of Edline’s Funeral Home’s team at Kent Bowl, date unknown.
Grandfather Hull’s Office

Grandfather Hull’s Office

There is a lot of notes on this photo, but not where it is from precisely. We know it is “Grandfather” Hull’s office/consultation room and the “secretary” is looking through the doorway from her “workshop”. It seems to be a doctor’s office? It was donated by Nancy Turner in 1998.
Lovely photo- we have more info on this one than on many that come to us. Please remember to WRITE on the back of your photos WHO, WHERE AND WHEN! Especially the older photos- once a generation is gone, many photos are left as unknowns, which is a shame 🙂