Panther Lake Elementary School

We had someone ask about the date of the old Panther Lake Elementary school. So we thought we’d share with everyone a quick history of Panther Lake!
In 1906 the people of the district voted to build a new school (the old school site on Benson & 208th). An acre of land was donated by A. Parmenter. The school directors gave a contract to Robert Melville to build a new school 42×40 ft for $180.00. The school bell was purchased from Sears & Roebuck of Chicago in Sept 1906. The first teacher in the new school was Miss Isabel Gibson for $50/month. The second teacher was J.M Joseph who received $60/mo for the first year and $70/mo for the second. The Janitor was paid $2.50/mo. In 1910 the voters authorized the board to build an addition to the school not to exceed $1200. A tract of 2 acres was purchased south of the school and 1 acre to the west. In 1938-39 the WPA built the present building (5 rooms) with basement, gym and cafeteria in the basement. In 1954 the board purchased 7 acres on the west making the present ground 11 acres.
The new Panther Lake school on 10200 SE 216th St. opened in 2009.
This is a photo of the students on the front steps in 1908. (From the Idding collection, named were Verna, Violet, Earl, Ed, Mother & Eva)

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