2013 Program Archives

Kent Chronicles’ primary form of communication is the spoken word.  The PowerPoint and supplemental packet provide pictures and help participants to frame the discussion.  The documents archived here will show you the topics that we have discussed and demonstrate the variety of themes we have tackled.  They do not necessarily reflect the way the conversation turned during our discussion.  In some cases, you may find yourself wondering why a picture ended up on a slide but find there is no answer to be found.  Actually, I hope that happens and you come to the next Kent Chronicles to see what you are missing!

Each link will take you to a page.  The first window on the page is a Google docs version of the PowerPoint.  You can click that window to move to the next slide.  Then there is a link where you can download the original PowerPoint.  Third, there is a window with a Google docs rendition of the supplemental packet.  Finally, there is a link to download the original packet as a Microsoft Word document.

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