Kent Chronicles

Kent Chronicles, in essence, is a discussion based learning circle that meets on the first Thursday and the Saturday after the first Thursday of every month.  We talk through a variety of topics that have effected the world, the nation, and the town of Kent.  Often the focus is on a few years, for example 1960-1965, and the big events or ideas that had an impact.  Occasionally, the topic will be more focused like the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, which had national significance but was also was hugely influential on our region and town.  (Did you know that the City of Kent petitioned to host the World’s Fair in Kent?  We have a copy of the document at the museum!)

The group is composed of anyone who is willing to come engage in the discussion.  We encourage students over the 4th grade to come learn alongside older generations that lived through the events.  The larger the pool of participants, the more perspectives, and the more interesting the conversation!

The Chronicles discussion is supplemented with a number of different items.  Each month we create a PowerPoint that includes pictures and video clips that help to elicit responses and shape the dialogue.  Additionally, we provide a Chronicles packet that includes more information, such as quotes, newspaper clippings, pictures, and political cartoons.  The goal is to help participants develop a fuller understanding of events through seeing, reading, hearing, and discussing.

Kent Chronicles convenes on the first Thursday AND the Saturday after the first Thursday of every month around the dining room table of the Bereiter House at 855 East Smith Street from 11 am until 12:30.

The 2013 program archives are here.
The 2012 program archives are here.

This Month:

For August 7th and 9th, Chronicles will be talking about the early stages of flight as the first installment of a trilogy of discussions on flight.  We will start looking at kites, gliders, and balloons.  Then we will transition into the powered flight of the Wright brothers and the fabric and wood craft.  We will share pictures and stories from this period of pioneering air experiments.

Then for September 4th and 6th we will bring airplanes into the modern age staring in the 1930s with the development of all metal aircraft.  We will talk about the development of the modern airlines and the way that the Boeing 707 shrank the world.  We will also talk about how airplanes have developed since.

The culminating discussion for this trilogy will put the Boeing Space Center squarely in focus.  On October 2nd and 4th we will talk about the hub of aerospace development that has been in our community for 50 years.  We look forward to sharing stories about what ideas were explored and what advances were developed in the valley by the fine Boeing engineers, scientists, and manufactures.