New Period Room depicts 1900s Children’s Bedroom

The Museum has just finished a new permanent period room display that depicts a child’s bedroom circa 1908.


The display was developed especially with children in mind, to give young visitors a glimpse of what home life was like for children their own age a century ago, though adults will find interest in it as well.


The concept for the room was inspired by the family that first lived in the house the Museum is located in, the Bereiters, who built the house in 1908. The family had two young boys, but the display room is reflective of any child’s bedroom between the years of 1900 and 1910, girl or boy.

Donald and Stewart Bereiter on their front porch with their mother, Bessie, c. 1912

The Museum acquired two period brass beds, a twin size and a crib-like “child size,” or toddler bed, for the room, as well as authentic linens, drawing from its extensive toy and antique book collections to furnish the finishing touches. The exhibit has been complete since late May, finished in time for the field trips of several Kent elementary school classes in June.


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